Fighting to move forward

“Nostalgia is a seductive liar”
- George Ball
As I sit down and think about my past, I can’t help but to think about that exact moment when I said to my ex-partners “it’s time to part ways, it has been a fun ride, but we keep growing and moving into separate ways…”. And right there it hit me, I started feeling nostalgic about ending the company, about leaving behind what we had worked so hard for the past 2 years.
The startup wasn’t a big company, nor did we make millions of dollar- but it taught us an incredibly amount of lessons about ourselves and about business.
It was December 2011, and I fought my feelings and kept repeating to my self that I was making the right decision. Back then, I had just found a new job with a multinational corporation that would offer me a great corporate career.
Fast forward to October 2013, I was now in a deep state of confusion trying to decide if back in 2011 I had made the right decision when I decided to give up entrepreneurship for “corporate america”. I started feeling depressed, frustrated and bored of what I was doing everyday. It was almost impossible to get out of my bed and drive to work. So, after a lot of thinking, I decided to quit that job and venture into new frontiers.
And then it when it all hit me, AGAIN! Even though, I knew that I was miserable at my current job and I needed to change jobs, I couldn’t help but to feel nostalgic about what I was about leave behind. I found myself thinking only about the good times, the great people I met along the way and the places I visit while I worked in that company. The effect of nostalgia was so incredibly shocking that right when I said “I quit” I wasn’t as happy as I thought I would be.
Nostalgia can be deceiving, and in my personal life, nostalgia is one of my worst fears. I fear it will mentally block my ability to move forward as I remember everything much better than what it actually was.
“Nostalgia isn’t what it used to be”
-  Peter De Vries